Command latexpage

\[\LaTeX\] page:


Now a different mode:

\[1+2+\ldots+n = \frac{n\cdot(n+1)}{2}\]

\[1+3+\ldots+(2\cdot n-1) = n^2\]

\[1^3+2^3+…+n^3 = (1+2+\ldots+n)^2\]

5 thoughts on “Command latexpage

  1. I didn’t insert any “new line” codes on purpose (in the second multiple line code). Otherwise I was hopelessly hoping that things will work. I don’t see any simple intro to quick latex, a pity! Let’s do it the tried way:



    • 1+2+\ldots+n = \frac{n\cdot(n+1)}{2}
    • 1+3+\ldots+(2\cdot n-1) = n^2
    • 1^3+2^3+\ldots+n^3 = (1+2+\ldots+n)^2
  2. Hm, it was supposed to be a test for a [latexpage] command. If it’s true then my last edit has destroyed this experiment.

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