I’ll jot here my past and new thoughts just as they come to me, without organizing them here. I may supply them with hand made tags, key words, etc.; possibly with links. Occasionally I will include thoughts by others–then I will credit them. Otherwise, as long as I know, these are my things. Sure, some of them may be so general that they were around always–perhaps it’s true only about the very first thought below, the one about chaos.

  1. The World is Chaos.
  2. There is only one ethical commandment: don’t impose (and don’t allow impositions on you).
  3. Mathematics is the Art of Thinking.

    And modern mathematics is the art of thinking + formalization.

    My early formulation, on sci.math discussion group, was:

    As poetry is the art of words, and music–the art of sound, mathematics is the art of thinking.

  4. People are not governed by their brain but by their atavism. Brain serves atavism by assisting people in the logistic aspects of their tasks, and in irrationally fooling them into believing all kind of nonsens. (The so-called intellectuals are not any exception).
  5. People don’t have any political views. They only have political sentiments.
  6. Arguments used in political discussions would be laughable in a scientific conversation.
  7. People are mostly immature. They expect Them to provide decent life conditions; it’s always Them who are guilty. Immature people don’t understand that they should make Them obsolete; people don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives.
  8. Today’s technology is capable of providing decent material life conditions to everybody. The main reason behind economic crises is the equality:

    economy = money

  9. The equality

    economy = money

    is enforced by governments. It is a by-product of the horrible way in which governments collect taxes and damage the societies.

  10. More than thirty years ago I have proposed easy tax: there are general rules, a yearly committee which decides about the amount, and then the tax money are printed each month and given to the government.

    Easy tax would mean:

    • no more tax cheaters, no need for bookkeepers and accountants to bother with taxes, no more huge tax collecting apparatus (tax office, courts, police, prisons, …);
    • no more wasting time and energy on filing taxes by people and businesses;
    • barter would be legal and preferable form of doing business, whenever convenient;
    • removal of an important incentive for hiring illegal immigrants;
    • etc.
  11. The equality

    economy = money

    serves the huge financial industry which steals from people astronomic money–mostly legally, which makes it even worse. This situation causes wide suffering of many.

  12. The ever existing system in which people should save money (or material possesions) toward their old age is wrong (the system is wrong, not those who save money). Such a system is prone to waste and abuse; it causes a lot of suffering.
  13. The classification of industries must be multi-dimensional. The most important dimension is following:
    • Material industries:
      • Food
      • Shelter
      • Clothes
    • Services:
      • Health
      • Education
      • Entertainment

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