Tired of moving

Recently I got myself “Teach yourself HTML, CSS and JavaScript (All in One)“, by Julie C. Meloni. That day I walked from my dentist office on Packard, near Platt, to the Barnes & Noble on Washtenaw and Huron. I spent there a couple hours, partly outside the bookstore, talking on the cell. Nevertheless I was deciding on the book, got some useful info from it, and bought it. I think it’s good.

The author convinced me fast that I need to rent a place on Internet if I want to use easily tools like JawaScript. The free places offer a much more restricted possibilities. She suggested three web hosting providers but I decided to select the one which was a popular choice Nr 1 on the web top web hosting lists, which was iPage (justhost.com seems to be a runner up, just after iPage). Thus now I have my own site wlod.net–it feels good.

I am not quite new to hosting. Long years ago it was my mode of operating. In those days I don’t even know if there were any other possibilities but to rent a place, do ftp, etc. I was not skillful. My pages were always simple pure text, the mathematical notation being their only sophistication (plus tables, even frames at one time later–nothing fancy). On two occasions I got a place on Internet from my son. All together there had to be a dozen of them, without counting several discussion boards, mainly for poetry, where one gets space for their own material. All this was a great way to let my effort put into these pages go down the drain.

Now I hope to learn the tools, and to develop a stable place. It’s a bit late for me, I am declining, but I may still get certain satisfaction from achieving even modest goals–we will see.

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