Exploring mathjax latex etc. (I hope for etc too, the sooner the better)

I am looking at web page:

Wait, is this the way to insert links here? What about my own wlod.net? let me try:

Well?–Nothing! WordPress is pathetic, ridiculous!

Let me try again, by hand:

Hm, well?–this time I got working links!!! And the first one is correct, while the second one resulted not in the wlod.net home page but in my blastog. Still not too bad :-).

Fine, back to mathjax $\LaTeX$ (this in-line TeX-code perhaps doesn’t work here?)–let me check the slash-bracket tags:

\[\forall_{a\ b\ >\ 0}\ \ a^{\log(b)}\ =\ b^{\log(a)}\]

How is it?–Works like a charm!

Hm, on that page they propose a different way to install mathjax on wordpress.org blog. I’ll stay with what I have already. They show how to install it under different conditions, also on an html page, when one has an access to the header. Thus on ipages I can use both the method which I have already tried in wiggles, and their. Theirs has actually two script-tagged commands, not one, i.e. the pairs of script tags occur twice.

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