wh: Wireless Internet connection for L.T.

Goal:   obtain inexpensive connection for the whole building (for all floors).

Premise: the true cost of wireless Internet connection is low.

A flexible agreement

We need to approach companies, which provide connection, with the following offer (but the point 2 below is just for us–they don’t need to be concerned with point 2):

  1. The Company provides its service (for the whole building–every floor) for the first month.
  2. L.T. residents–only those who want to pay–contribute some $$ toward the payment for the company near the end of the consecutive month of the service. Each resident contributes as much as s/he wants to.
  3. The Company receives the $$ from L.T. near the end of the consecutive month (the amount may vary from month to month), and then it decides if it wants to continue for another month (the decision may go either way).
  4. The process described in points 2-3 is repeated a month after a month.


  • This arrangment does not put any pressure on apartment rents (on L.T.’s budget).
  • Nobody is forced to pay anything. You may use the service, and pay nothing. Everybody pays each month as much as they want to, possibly ZERO, possibly a different amount each month.
  • If The Company gets too greedy, or L.T. residents too stingy, then the service will stop.

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