A mathjax latex test

$ 3^2-2^3 = 1 $

$$ 3^2-2^3 = 1 $$

\[ 3^2-2^3 = 1 \]

After a plug update the slash bracket latex construction stopped working on wordpress. Thus this hopeless test. (I am inserting the mathjax java scripts in a wrong place, I am afraid).

Hey, it does work! Next worry: will the standard wordpress in-line latex construction produce a bit of junk? Say:   3^2-2^3=1.   How is it? (Do I get word latex displayed as a string of mathematical variables?)

Wow! This works too! Will I have to add mathjax java scripts everywhere? I don’t mind the nuisance of adding them to the new posts, but to add them to the old ones feels terrible. I can’t have a nice post which will last for a long time. They have to spoil them.

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